Love of Art

Hello Everyone…

I am participating in a Blog Hop titled Love of Art @ Fly-Tribe.

Participating in this Blog Hop is a unique way of celebrating one of my loves of life.

I love Art because it gives me a sense of freedom, to be able to create something without being bogged down by boundaries. Starting with a blank canvas, playing with different textures, shapes & colors, experimenting and to be driven by continuous anticipation of what in the end it will turn out to be. And best of all, I forget the world around me, my worries, my concerns when I am in my studio. It’s like meditating. I am the happiest when I am painting.

Here is the painting i made to mark this event..P.S.  And  do click on Fly-Tribe Love Of Art Blog Party ( where you’ll find an easy link to everyone else’s blogs. Happy Hopping!

5 thoughts on “Love of Art

  1. “Love of Art” – Awesome:) I always like the contrast used in your paintings. Its different and unique in its own sense. Lovin it……..

  2. Hi Anshu, Thank you for sharing about your love of Art! I like what you wrote about art giving you a sense of freedom and that its like meditating. I agree! It is also wonderful to hear that you are happiest when painting. I love your artwork. It is very pretty and colourful!! :) )

  3. It is like meditating! I places you in the present moment. One of the reasons I love this blog party is that there are so many aspects about creativity that it is hard to nail down one beautiful thing about it. Visiting each blog helps remind me of all the great aspects of art and creativity.

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