Love of Art

Hello Everyone…

I am participating in a Blog Hop titled Love of Art @ Fly-Tribe.

Participating in this Blog Hop is a unique way of celebrating one of my loves of life.

I love Art because it gives me a sense of freedom, to be able to create something without being bogged down by boundaries. Starting with a blank canvas, playing with different textures, shapes & colors, experimenting and to be driven by continuous anticipation of what in the end it will turn out to be. And best of all, I forget the world around me, my worries, my concerns when I am in my studio. It’s like meditating. I am the happiest when I am painting.

Here is the painting i made to mark this event..P.S.  And  do click on Fly-Tribe Love Of Art Blog Party ( where you’ll find an easy link to everyone else’s blogs. Happy Hopping!

2,204 thoughts on “Love of Art

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