Rooted in love

The painting i started during the Easter holidays (see my post here) is finally ready and ready to go up on the wall (infact it already is :) ). It’s titled “Rooted in love”. Without sparing some more words, here it is:

I hope you like the final “being” it has come to be. Any feedback/comments, as always, are most welcome.

@Satty/Rashmi: Much thanks for your looking fwd to its completion and buzzing me on this.  Sweet greetings from my side.

7 thoughts on “Rooted in love

  1. Hi, I found your blog through the Liberate your Art link up, what a beautiful place you have here.
    Your painting is beautiful. I love the bright bright colors! I hope I get one of your cards in the mail!

    If you’d like to visit me, my address is

    Have a great day,

  2. I love the title for this painting “Rooted In Love”…awesome use of colors..very bright and soothing to eyes..keep it up!! keep posting ur beautiful collections…all the best!!

  3. WOW…I was curious to see the Final Version and it seems bud has bloomed into a full size flower..:)

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