Ride it!

You must all be wondering that why I have gone so quiet suddenly? Actually, I have so much to do nowadays that I am not getting the time to blog or to paint for that matter. Setting up my etsy shop, sorting-out the printing process of my fine art prints and most time consuming is the german language test that is scheduled for end of this month. Learning the language is fun, but at the same time all i find myself wanting to do is just to focus on learning and creating art but i guess, i need to sit for it sooner than later as promoting my work locally here in Germany is also important for me. And though one needs to have normally more time to clear this test but I am trying to ride my luck and give it a shot.

Another  update from my side is that I am happy to be participating in Liberate Your Art   Swap. The basic idea is that the artists of any medium can “liberate” postcards of their Art into the world. Very soon, i’d be “liberating” my pack of cards as well. On the other hand, it will be wonderful to find a beautiful, happy, surprise postcard in my mailbox every once in a while and of course, a way to connect with the other Artists around the world.

So thats how life is at my end. I am taking my small steps ..some easy…some dificult. Like they say “Life is like a bicycle.To keep balance you must keep moving”.

Bis Bald 🙂