Liberate Your Art 2012

Some months back, I stumbled upon Kat Sloma’s Liberate Your Art Swap.The rules were simple. I sent her  5 postcards of my artwork along with address label and stamps for my returning postcards. She swapped them with the other  almost 200 participating Artist’s cards. And so we each got 5 cards as well as one from her. It was very exciting to open my mailbox every week. Here are the cards I received:

The card with the little red cat came from Maddison Longford. She can be found out
The card with a woman’s face came from Teresa. She blogs at
The card at the center (blue dolls) is from Tracy Swartz of
The fourth one right below (white daisy close-up) came from Barbara. I am afraid that’s what I have on her. I wish she gave me more info.
The fifth one with white flower is from Mett Hardy. I am afraid no more info on her too.
And the last one with a cobbled street and Hydrangea flowers from Kat Sloma of

Thanks everyone for these lovely cards. I love my postcards so much.  A  big  thanks to  all the artists and to Kat for making this art swap happen.  I can’t wait for next year. 🙂

And these are the cards which i sent out:

Click here to see complete listing of others who joined the swap party 🙂