Life is Beautiful…

This is the (tentative) title i have for my new painting  below:

Sometimes a painting shapes up beautifully, but to bring it to a stage where you are fully satisfied, definitely takes some time. With this one, it actually took more time than the usual. It stay hung on the wall for many weeks, with me wondering on and off about those small tiny finishing strokes / flourishes /touches to have it assume its full character. There was, of course, no hurrying up in this case, it took its time, now i am pretty much satisfied with the end result.

The title/theme i had in my mind was: <Life is Beautiful> or <To Be..> In the end, i am opting for the first one. Let me know, if you think otherwise or if the painting can be named still better. As always, I more than welcome your feedback.

Thanks and have a great day, because Life’s Beautiful!