I got published!

My exhibition @Keks+Kunst is over, however got hold of something to keep my memory afresh for the event :).  Below are a few clippings from regional/local newspaper covering the event. The painting in the pictures “True Bloom” – is actually one of my favorites. All the paintings from the exhibition including this one are now updated to my Portfolio here.


True Bloom_Web

Update: Keks+Kunst

A little recap: I had my first exhibition opening last Sunday. The event is named ‘Keks und Kunst’ meaning Cookies and Art in English. This is especially planned for this time of the year when they bake and sell cookies for the Christmas time and combine it with one or the other form of Art. So for this year, they had chosen my Artwork and accordingly they decorated their (super-yummy!) cookies colorfully to go with my work :). At the Vernissage, I was so excited, so happy to realise that the day has finally come. But surprisingly, I was not nervous at all. In fact, I was very relaxed and peaceful. Maybe because I knew, I had given my best. I had no reason to think, that I could have done any better. So I was feeling strong and happy.

But the last few months have been so hectic. I was working on the paintings till the very last moment before the exhibition.There were two paintings which I absolutely wanted to finish. In fact, I decided my clothes also just hours before the exhibition. The exhibition kicked off exactly at 1.00. I have around 30 (large and small) paintings on display. Most of these were acrylics and some were with collage and mixed media.

The whole day flew by so fast. I had so much fun talking to everyone. There is nothing like getting a feedback on one’s hard work. I sold 5 prints the first day. The exhibition will continue till 16th of december. Will keep you posted. In the meanwhile sharing some moments of the day in the slideshow below: