Give me some sunshine

Give me some sunshine

I don’t know about you but living here in Hannover, north of Germany, I have a real appreciation for spring/summer. After a long cold dull winter, I can hardly wait for the sun to shine here, the flowers to bloom and finally getting to wear some summer-ish clothes.  It’s the only time to enjoy some beautiful outdoors & picnics with friends, go cycling around the beautiful Maschsee lake here and feel the warmth of sunshine on the face. But it’s almost June and we have just got a glimpse of sun till now and mostly it has been raining. I had packed all our winter clothes and autumn weather is back again 🙁

Oh….how I wish for some sunny days. Till the time I lived in India, I had always taken summer for granted. But now I realise how important Sun is in our lives. It actually brings sunshine into our lives too.

What is your favorite Season? Do you have any favorite flowers, tree or shrub?

I want to sum up with these beautiful pics that my hubby clicked a few weeks back….. Enjoy



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