Learning to be comfortable with the discomfort

Learning to be comfortable with the discomfort

It’s a meaningful thought because if we learn this skill, we can master pretty much anything else. Amazing things happen beyond the end of our comfort zone.

‘When it starts getting uncomfortable, those are the reps that count the most.’

One of the things that make me uncomfortable is the pressure of blogging. The thought of putting myself out there makes me so nervous. You are probably wondering why I even bothered about blogging if I feel so. Yes, I knew this last year also when I embraced my artistic journey and started blogging. But, my determination to push myself saw me through last year.
But, this year. I am feeling this pressure so much again. In between the daily household chores, spending time with my family, helping my daughter with her homework, picking her up from school, i barely get time to make some Art. And then the pressure of making a perfect post regularly is making me more and more reluctant to post.
But, I know, I can’t continue like this. If I allow myself to get defeated by this pressure, I will not be happy with myself. So I have to push myself for the love of Art or for being brave…get comfortable with getting uncomfortable.
This is how i would like to sum  up my post. Wish me luck 🙂

Wish you all bright, cheerful, sunny summer days.
🙂 Anshu

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