Yesterday, I finished working on her. I think , it has turned out nice considering I was going through this “creative block” since last few months. It was such a dreaded feeling. A mind that is normally overflowing with ideas suddenly goes on a seemingly indefinite strike…making you actually doubt on your ‘being creative’. But, thankfully finishing this painting has brought some of my courage/faith back :)

Believe In The Beauty Of Your Dreams

“Believe in the beauty of your Dreams”
Acrylics and collage on canvas ca. 70 x 50 cm
Price: 430.00 € with free worldwide shipping

This is how it started and revealed itself…

Believe In The Beauty Of Your Dreams_Making01

Believe In The Beauty Of Your Dreams_Making02


gave her a tattoo…I am thinking of getting myself one for last so many months:)

Believe In The Beauty Of Your Dreams_Tatoo

Now it’s all finished and sealed, ready to go to a home. It is difficult to capture actual colors in a photo….looks much more beautiful in person with her majenta streaked hair and twinkle in her eyes :)

For any further Q’s, buzz me at anshudesigns@gmail.com.

Have a wonderful weekend.
* Anshu

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