Love is Blind

Love is Blind

Most of the time I  paint intuitively, but sometimes, I have a thought in mind which I want to convert into a painting. And this painting, is a perfect example of that. When I read this quote “Love is blind”. I wanted to express it through a painting.

Love…the most wonderful of all things in life. Everything seems beautiful when one is in love. And Love is also blind….. means when you love someone , that feeling is so pure and unconditional that it overpowers any other thought. All negatives become insignificant. What matters is the person himself, the person within, not the superficial aspects others perceive. The essence of the person is the one you love, not his physical features, or other insignificant traits.
 I hope you like my interpretration of this this theme.


Love Is Blind

Love is blind
40×30 cm on Fine Art Paper
Prints available on my Etsy Shop

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