Winter is here…

Winter is here…

Wooh.. it really took a long time to get around to my new post this time… but here i am finally :)
Winter is coming….in fact, it’s already here. It’s not easy for me to like winter. I am a summer person. I love sunshine, warm beautiful days and flowers everywhere. But life doesnot have to be easy to be appreciated.

There are some things to look forward to even in winter. And, i have made a list of things that love about winter:

- Being able to experience sunrise in winter. Because I get up by 7 to get my daughter ready for the school and that is just the right time to see beautiful streaks of red and orange in the blue and purple of twilight sky.

-  A perfect time to enjoy a mug full of hot chocolate or coffee with whipped cream

-  Who does not love  first snowfall. It transforms everything it touches

-  A walk in the beautiful christmas market

- Enjoying the ‘Glühwein’ …a special hot spiced wine of Germany

- Love turtlenecks, shawls and long shoes

What about you? Do you love winter?

In any case, here is the new painting that I finished few days back.

Titled: She Believed…
Collage and Acrylics on 30 x 24cm Canvas


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