Went for strawberry picking

Went for strawberry picking

Had a fun start to the day today:) We went with some friends today for strawberry picking.

Apparently strawberries are available all year long, but nothing beats the taste of local strawberries in the season. ..a sign that summer is finally here. Plucking strawberries is quite easy. One just has to bend down and pluck the ripe red strawberries but it makes for lot of fun to find out these red beauties hidden in the plants. And, it sure is addictive, I had to make myself stop! I was like, oh oh theres another pretty one! We filled our baskets and also snacked while plucking;-)

It is an interesting activity for kids. They also get a chance to see how food is grown and harvested… how it comes on our table.
Now all I need to do is decide, what am I gonna do with 4 kilos of strawberries that I picked;-)

Here are some pics from our adventure:-)