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I am Anshu Ahuja.

I am an artist for the love of it. My passion to paint is my need to paint. I always painted as a child but i didn’t understand so clearly the need for it – then in my life. I didn’t have any exposure to the art world then. But I don’t know what it means to you but it’s my responsiblity to convey what i feel deep inside me.
I therefore, left my full time job to follow this passion of mine full time.

I am proud to be a 100% self taught artist. I do not have any formal art training. My actual process is all about building up layers of colors, shapes, words and symbols and slowly let different shapes emerge and reveal itself. I believe, there is a magic element in art. No matter how much planned, the painting always comes to breathe its own life.  I love to experiment a lot and love to challenge myself.

My painting are full of positivity and love of life that I truly believe in and want to spread the same vibes around through my work.

- Anshu Ahuja


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8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Anshu,

    Amazed to see your work…I didn’t know you are that Great an Artist.Wish you a lot of success… Keep it up.


  2. Outrageous!!! And very very impressive anshu di , you rock!!

    I had no clue about your hidden writing talent.
    Such nice paintings. We still have 2 of ur masterpiece with us. You really outdid yourself.

    Gud going….


  3. Yeah,I remember those carefree days and our Arts class in school.We used to have so much fun.
    And thanks for your nice words dear..

  4. Anshu do u remember we used to go to bal bhawan in 10th for painting.But u really worked hard.Keep it up.

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