Making Art is Hard

Title: Some Day, 40 x 60 cm
Acrylics+Modeling Paste on Canvas

It is always tempting to just show the good stuff when we are blogging about art…encouraging the illusion that making art is easy  – but we all know that making art  is not easy…it requires patience and sometimes very hard work .

It is often a long and frustrating journey between our  vision of a painting and deciphering how to reach there.

On a personal note, it is proving to be more hard for me than I had initially thought. Even if my daughter has started going to school …but it is always a struggle to squeeze in enough time for making art. One difficult aspect unlike other jobs is  that  we not only need time to make art but market it too.

It  is not easy, relaxing or restful … then why do we do this?

Because it is definitely fulfilling and worthwhile.

Being an artist is not about what I do — it’s more about who I am.  It’s that little nagging voice inside my head that compels me to create. The one that won’t take “No” for an answer. I paint because it makes me happy.  It is that simple.

Being a creative person is my  way of life.

Wishing love and courage to all the artists out there.



Playing abstract

Here is my latest abstract painting that I finished today.  I am not sure, I am fully done with this painting or not but will just let it sit in my studio for a month or so before making any further changes.

It’s really interesting to see how a painting is started and what shape it takes finally. The painting looks so much better in reality because it is little difficult to take an exact photo when the piece is so much textured…also the top left corner is verrry little missing. I realised it later 🙁 Will correct it soon.


“Untitled” 60×40
Acrylics,collage and modelling paste on canvas

This is how it started….


And, these are some of the close ups from the painting…




Wish you all a lovely week ahead 🙂

Went for strawberry picking

Had a fun start to the day today:) We went with some friends today for strawberry picking.

Apparently strawberries are available all year long, but nothing beats the taste of local strawberries in the season. ..a sign that summer is finally here. Plucking strawberries is quite easy. One just has to bend down and pluck the ripe red strawberries but it makes for lot of fun to find out these red beauties hidden in the plants. And, it sure is addictive, I had to make myself stop! I was like, oh oh theres another pretty one! We filled our baskets and also snacked while plucking;-)

It is an interesting activity for kids. They also get a chance to see how food is grown and harvested… how it comes on our table.
Now all I need to do is decide, what am I gonna do with 4 kilos of strawberries that I picked;-)

Here are some pics from our adventure:-)




Every child is an artist

Tia made this drawing after coming back from our recent holiday in Mallorca, Spain. In a shortwhile, she drew her best memory from the place on a piece of  paper…standing on the beach, in her favourite t-shirt, shorts, her hairstyle and shoes.

I am amazed how brave kids are with their art. They paint with their hearts, not their eyes or with their knowledge. Thats why their paintings touch our hearts.  A child’s drawing can tell us so much more than we are usually willing to see. Like Picasso said, Every child is an artist, the challenge is to remain an artist when you grow up.

How I wish, I could also draw like a child.  But, we  adults have a hard time getting past fear and self-doubt.  As we grow older, we become so caught up in needing to make money or a reputation for ourselves that we let the artist within fade away.

I think we need our creativity to maintain sanity in this crazy, strict word. Creativity is like food for the soul.  At the end of the day, creativity in the form of a beautiful poem, a well maintained garden, a performance or a well cooked meal sees us through. Learning to connect with our higher creative selves will not just  change our lives and  but it will make the world we live in also better:-)

New Paint eCourse

I am already 2  weeks into Pauline Agnew’s eCourse “Draw and Paint: what you love” and I am loving it. I am enjoying to play outside my comfort zone… using charcoal , doing some contour drawing and did my first figure drawing study..which are all new territories for me.

I am so happy to be taking this class. Actually, I was planning to sign up for this for a long time but could only manage to do so only this January. Pauline is a wonderful teacher and gives every student her constructive feedback which makes the learning environment playful and comfortable. I will highly recommend this class to everyone 🙂

Another year gone

To start:  A very very happy New Year to all of you 🙂
I remember, I used to laugh when my parents would say that time goes by so quickly but now I find myself echoing the same sentiments that I made fun of.

2014 has already started and its hard to believe how quickly the last year passed.
2013 was  not a very eventful year for me. I really couldnot do much this year as much as I wanted to 🙁

But despite the lows of last year, I am really looking forward to this new year… for new beginnings, new goals start the slate afresh. The idea that  I can start again again is very intoxicating 🙂

So here are  my creative goals  for this year…

– Strengthening my creative knowledge/base
– Doing meditation everyday
– Believe in myself, my dreams and my strengths
– Improving my writing skills
– I am going to be more physically active, stay healthy and eat right
– Experiment and play more while painting
– Blog atleast once a month
– Spend more time with friends and family
– Explore a city that I have never been to before
– And lastly, follow my hopes not fears

So come at me New Year, I am ready for you:)

The best I can sum up in Nelson Mandela’s words:
“Don’t judge me by my successes, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back again”

And here is a new painting that I finished , titled Martha …Acrylics and collage on canvas,  40x30cmMartha

Winter is here…

Wooh.. it really took a long time to get around to my new post this time… but here i am finally 🙂
Winter is coming….in fact, it’s already here. It’s not easy for me to like winter. I am a summer person. I love sunshine, warm beautiful days and flowers everywhere. But life doesnot have to be easy to be appreciated.

There are some things to look forward to even in winter. And, i have made a list of things that love about winter:

– Being able to experience sunrise in winter. Because I get up by 7 to get my daughter ready for the school and that is just the right time to see beautiful streaks of red and orange in the blue and purple of twilight sky.

–  A perfect time to enjoy a mug full of hot chocolate or coffee with whipped cream

–  Who does not love  first snowfall. It transforms everything it touches

–  A walk in the beautiful christmas market

– Enjoying the ‘Glühwein’ …a special hot spiced wine of Germany

– Love turtlenecks, shawls and long shoes

What about you? Do you love winter?

In any case, here is the new painting that I finished few days back.

Titled: She Believed…
Collage and Acrylics on 30 x 24cm Canvas