29 Faces Challenge

I have been thinking of practicing  more faces for quite some time now. So when I heard of 29 faces challenge organised by Ayala art, I had to jump in:)

The challenge is to make 29 faces in 30 days. It will be little bit out of my comfort zone because I don’t get much time to paint everyday with my little daughter and family .  But I am taking the idea to stay more focussed  under all that pressure, try some new things and enjoy  the  challenge 🙂

So wish me luck and follow along:)

Here is the first one that I finished. It’ 40x30cm, acrylics, collage , fabric and modelling paste on fine art paper…. titled Wistful…Realisation_Web

What makes an Artist?

Well, I think, it is an interesting question. How does one define an Artist? As per the dictionary:

1.  a person who produces works in any of the arts that are primarily subject to aesthetic criteria.
2.  a person who practices one of the fine arts, especially a painter or sculptor.

But, everyone has a different take on it. Art degree? Self-taught? An arts teacher or pure talent? Some are of the opinion that it is important to go to an Art School because it gives you a solid foundation to start with. While others give the example of so many self taught well-accomplished artists who do not have an Art degree but are still doing very well for them.
I think, it really really helps if one goes to an Art school because what really makes an Artist is the time spent in studio, working on techniques and finding one’s own style and an art school prepares you for that. But if one does not have an Arts degree but has talent and willing to put in the hours to work on his techniques…nothing is impossible in this world. After all, all Art is intuitive. Or maybe because I am myself a self-taught artist.. who wants to follow her heart.. her passion.. so the latter thought is more appealing and more encouraging..something that keeps me going 🙂
In the end, being an Artist is about individualism. That we don’t make art…art makes us. Let me conclude my quoting below the best  description that I read recently and that fits beautifully with this topic:

“A man who works with his hands is laborer
A man who works with his hands and brain is craftsman but
A man who works with his hands and heart is an Artist”

Lots of Sunshine,
AnshuP.S.:  Below is my new painting, still untitled. Any thoughts /ideas for the title are welcome:

The Aquarian Girl_Web


Home is where the Heart is

I think , I enjoy making paintings around quotes. And this time around i chose “Home is where the heart is”…To me it means exactly how it reads… . You can have a house or you can have a home. A home is where you have your family…your loved ones …it is where memories are made and cherished.
When I walk into my home I feel peace. I feel I am in the most safe environment that I could be in. It is the one place that I can truly be me. My family is here and love and comfort surrounds me. I am in my world where everything around is me. To know that this is the place where my family and myself have established together and that we all have our special space within our home. So, this painting is dedicated to this special space where our hearts come together :).

Home is where the Heart is_Web

Love is blind
40×30 cm on Fine Art Paper

Prints available on my Etsy Shop

Love is Blind

Most of the time I  paint intuitively, but sometimes, I have a thought in mind which I want to convert into a painting. And this painting, is a perfect example of that. When I read this quote “Love is blind”. I wanted to express it through a painting.

Love…the most wonderful of all things in life. Everything seems beautiful when one is in love. And Love is also blind….. means when you love someone , that feeling is so pure and unconditional that it overpowers any other thought. All negatives become insignificant. What matters is the person himself, the person within, not the superficial aspects others perceive. The essence of the person is the one you love, not his physical features, or other insignificant traits.
 I hope you like my interpretration of this this theme.


Love Is Blind

Love is blind
40×30 cm on Fine Art Paper
Prints available on my Etsy Shop


Yesterday, I finished working on her. I think , it has turned out nice considering I was going through this “creative block” since last few months. It was such a dreaded feeling. A mind that is normally overflowing with ideas suddenly goes on a seemingly indefinite strike…making you actually doubt on your ‘being creative’. But, thankfully finishing this painting has brought some of my courage/faith back 🙂

Believe In The Beauty Of Your Dreams

“Believe in the beauty of your Dreams”
Acrylics and collage on canvas ca. 70 x 50 cm
Price: 430.00 € with free worldwide shipping

This is how it started and revealed itself…

Believe In The Beauty Of Your Dreams_Making01

Believe In The Beauty Of Your Dreams_Making02


gave her a tattoo…I am thinking of getting myself one for last so many months:)

Believe In The Beauty Of Your Dreams_Tatoo

Now it’s all finished and sealed, ready to go to a home. It is difficult to capture actual colors in a photo….looks much more beautiful in person with her majenta streaked hair and twinkle in her eyes 🙂

For any further Q’s, buzz me at anshudesigns@gmail.com.

Have a wonderful weekend.
* Anshu

Give me some sunshine

I don’t know about you but living here in Hannover, north of Germany, I have a real appreciation for spring/summer. After a long cold dull winter, I can hardly wait for the sun to shine here, the flowers to bloom and finally getting to wear some summer-ish clothes.  It’s the only time to enjoy some beautiful outdoors & picnics with friends, go cycling around the beautiful Maschsee lake here and feel the warmth of sunshine on the face. But it’s almost June and we have just got a glimpse of sun till now and mostly it has been raining. I had packed all our winter clothes and autumn weather is back again 🙁

Oh….how I wish for some sunny days. Till the time I lived in India, I had always taken summer for granted. But now I realise how important Sun is in our lives. It actually brings sunshine into our lives too.

What is your favorite Season? Do you have any favorite flowers, tree or shrub?

I want to sum up with these beautiful pics that my hubby clicked a few weeks back….. Enjoy



Learning to be comfortable with the discomfort

It’s a meaningful thought because if we learn this skill, we can master pretty much anything else. Amazing things happen beyond the end of our comfort zone.

‘When it starts getting uncomfortable, those are the reps that count the most.’

One of the things that make me uncomfortable is the pressure of blogging. The thought of putting myself out there makes me so nervous. You are probably wondering why I even bothered about blogging if I feel so. Yes, I knew this last year also when I embraced my artistic journey and started blogging. But, my determination to push myself saw me through last year.
But, this year. I am feeling this pressure so much again. In between the daily household chores, spending time with my family, helping my daughter with her homework, picking her up from school, i barely get time to make some Art. And then the pressure of making a perfect post regularly is making me more and more reluctant to post.
But, I know, I can’t continue like this. If I allow myself to get defeated by this pressure, I will not be happy with myself. So I have to push myself for the love of Art or for being brave…get comfortable with getting uncomfortable.
This is how i would like to sum  up my post. Wish me luck 🙂

Wish you all bright, cheerful, sunny summer days.
🙂 Anshu


“It took me 4 years to learn to paint like Raphael and a lifetime to paint like a child.”

– Pablo Picasso

Another girl I made in Mindy Lacefield’s True Free Spirit …
This one I made specially for my daughter. She is the world to me 🙂



My Word for 2013!

Wow! Time for a new word already. I love the idea of choosing one word to focus on and to reflect upon through the whole 2013. The idea is to let this word speak to me, to see where it leads me to.

 My word for 2012 was ‘Believe’… believe in myself, to believe in the journey I am meant to be on.  And there are so many beautiful words that whispered to me this year but the word that still speaks to me is ‘Believe’ only :). This word has given me so much strength last year, to keep my focus in place..to make 2012 a special and transformational year for me. So, I am taking it with me to 2013.  I think , I cannot do without it 🙂
Are you considering selecting a word for yourself or already selected one ? Would love to hear from you.
“It’s not who you are that holds you back, it’s who you think you are not.”
 “A belief is not  an idea held by the mind..it is an idea that holds the mind.”