Who Am I?

This is the title of my new painting and the subject of this Post, which is in fact my first attempt at a portrait composition. Surely every artist has her/his own signature way of drawing the faces, features and the subjects.  I intended to explore my take on this, as i had been looking to add a face in my paintings. I used acrylics together with Art Grip Aquarelle ( which is kind of water-soluble color pencils). For the background, i made a paper collage, colored it and distressed it. Below it is what it looked like initially:


And here is the final result:

Although i am not happy with the way our scanner failed to reproduce the pink colors accurately which are so important in the background, but am sharing it anyhow.

Thanks for looking.

New page: Tia’s Gallery

As i see it, my 5-year old girlie, Tia is quite good at drawing. I promised her that i’ll put her work up on the “internet” together with mine. So, finally i am creating a new page to showcase her past and present work.

Here is the direct jump to the page: http://www.anshuahuja.com/tia

It’s like we kind of feed on each other’s work/vibes;  i am inspired by how imaginative or unrestrained a child’s work can be and she’s always very eager to pass on her suggestions about what colors should i choose in my paintings :). And we both like colorful and bright palette and pink is our favorite.

Thanks for looking.