Our Easter B’day

Hello all,

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter time. For us this Easter was more special because on 9th it was my hubby’s B’day. And my daughter was so excited as if it was her own B’day. She started planing a week before about which cake to bake, what to wear and whom all we could possibly call for the celebration (which includes at least all her friends at the K.G. :). Four days before the day, she had already made her B’day card – bearing her favorites heart-shapes and blooming flowers, together with a couple of self-made bookmarks, then packed  everything together in a gift wrap and kept right upfront on his table, with clear instructions, in no case, this is to be to opened before the day :). And during the next days, she kept reminding him, in her own innocent subtle ways, to not to forget her return-gift :).

On the day itself, she helped me bake the cake (esp. with mixing of the batter). The cake came out real yummy and she happily took all the credit for it 🙂

In the end, the B’day was much more memorable, to be able to witness the pure joy of a child and to experience their innocent, affectionate ways. So many times, we get lost in the mundane of life and overlook life’s simple but priceless moments & pleasures. And the  chlildren have a gift to bring us back to them.

Here are her B’day cards:









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