Sum(mer) of all the things

Summer is flying by. Only a handful days left to enjoy the little sunshine we have this year here in Hanover. Mostly it has been rainy and cold days punctuated by an occasional warm sunny day. It has got better towards July end. And thankfully the forecast for next week looks good when we have planned a small holiday with some very good friends of ours. The place is Lübeck, a small but beautiful town about 3 hrs drive from Hanover and it has a beautiful coastline nearby too. In the meanwhile, my daughter, Tia is enjoying her long summer vacations this time because she will be starting her school this year. And now she is super-charged up with the idea of having a aptt. directly at beach and playing all day long in sand and water.

BTW, Tia drew such cute pretty girl portraits in the last few days that I can hardly wait to share them over with you. Check out the slideshow below or the bigger-size images at Tia’s Page.
And I promise to post some pics from this beautiful city once I am back :) . Have a great summer time.

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