My Exhibition Coming Up! (Updated Flyer & Vernissage)

As the event Flyers are now published and out, so it’s about time to share with you all this exciting news: An exhibition of my works is planned at the Keks Und Kunst 2012 (which literally means Cookies and Art). The timeline is from 2nd to 16th December. And the place is here in district Brelingen (about 24Kms / 30 minutes drive away from Hannover City Center).

 (Update: Vernissage is now moved from 12.00 hrs. to 13.00 hrs.)

The full Flyer of the event can be found here (in German): Keks Und Kunst 2012. Here Vernissage means the Opening day, while Finissage the Closing Day of the Exhibition.

No questions: I am really excited not just to showcase my work, but also to interact directly with the local community, the art patrons, the gallery visitors from everywhere or simply anyone who gets drawn to look at the hang-ups. In the meanhile, there is much to do and create and manage.  More than ever, the following quote is what is driving me these days:

“Your purpose in life is to find your purpose and give your whole heart and soul to it”                  ― Siddhartha Gautama