Every child is an artist

Tia made this drawing after coming back from our recent holiday in Mallorca, Spain. In a shortwhile, she drew her best memory from the place on a piece of  paper…standing on the beach, in her favourite t-shirt, shorts, her hairstyle and shoes.

I am amazed how brave kids are with their art. They paint with their hearts, not their eyes or with their knowledge. Thats why their paintings touch our hearts.  A child’s drawing can tell us so much more than we are usually willing to see. Like Picasso said, Every child is an artist, the challenge is to remain an artist when you grow up.

How I wish, I could also draw like a child.  But, we  adults have a hard time getting past fear and self-doubt.  As we grow older, we become so caught up in needing to make money or a reputation for ourselves that we let the artist within fade away.

I think we need our creativity to maintain sanity in this crazy, strict word. Creativity is like food for the soul.  At the end of the day, creativity in the form of a beautiful poem, a well maintained garden, a performance or a well cooked meal sees us through. Learning to connect with our higher creative selves will not just  change our lives and  but it will make the world we live in also better:-)