Making Art is Hard

Title: Some Day, 40 x 60 cm
Acrylics+Modeling Paste on Canvas

It is always tempting to just show the good stuff when we are blogging about art…encouraging the illusion that making art is easy  – but we all know that making art  is not easy…it requires patience and sometimes very hard work .

It is often a long and frustrating journey between our  vision of a painting and deciphering how to reach there.

On a personal note, it is proving to be more hard for me than I had initially thought. Even if my daughter has started going to school …but it is always a struggle to squeeze in enough time for making art. One difficult aspect unlike other jobs is  that  we not only need time to make art but market it too.

It  is not easy, relaxing or restful … then why do we do this?

Because it is definitely fulfilling and worthwhile.

Being an artist is not about what I do — it’s more about who I am.  It’s that little nagging voice inside my head that compels me to create. The one that won’t take “No” for an answer. I paint because it makes me happy.  It is that simple.

Being a creative person is my  way of life.

Wishing love and courage to all the artists out there.